The central dogma of movement

Studying science over the years, I’m always fascinated by new discoveries, and how life itself operates. Scientific methods and literature always intrigue me. One concept that was “drilled” in my genetic courses is the central dogma of biology. Influenced by this, I decided to create my own “central dogma” for movement. Now as a science advocate, I caution from using such words as dogma, and I am a campaigner for “data of dogma” with that said dogma has it place, but also should be open to change in the face of new evidence and discoveries. An even bigger influence is my experience with martial arts and ADD/Parkour. The practices mentioned have heavily shaped my view of fitness and movement, from this I have become who am I and continue to radiate. With no further due…

The central dogma of movement

Longevity > Utility > Expression

One should prioritize Longevity in practice and training. One should aim one’s training to the where they can still train regularly even in old age. One’s training should prevent chronic injuries and health issues.

Next one’s training goals should be rooted in usefulness for everyday obstacles, self, family and community.

Lastly, one’s training should deal in human creativity/expression.

I should note that these concepts can bounce around and interchange in priority but for the most part should remain in the given stratification, especially in the beginning of one’s training. More explanation to come in the future.

Ume Njalo


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