A human being will always stay a victim of the projections of his imagination. We like to classify the world. We like to simplify and classify what surrounds us. This world would be easy to live in if we could, without any mistake, point at things and beings and tell what they were. The world would be easy if we were able to put the world into two camps: the camp of “them” and the camp of “us”. But life itself appears to fit the image of a joke played on our intelligence. When we want to believe that the water drunk by the thirsty person is our friend, we see the dead body of our drowned neighbor floating in it. The fire that is burning is still burning all the ideas we are making of it…It is not all snakes that kill humans; and in our search for the true nature of the world, no being and nothing has stayed faithful to the image we gave to it.

Neb Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig, Maakheru

(excerpt from Imagination Against Reality, The Initiatic Tales of Hej Ptah) ”

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