“A fruit does not need to be picked from a tree, it is impatience that finds a good taste in a non-ripe fruit.” – African Proverb

people will ask how long did it take to get good at a certain skill, the answer that usually follows is “it just depends”. the answer I always want to give is “ it takes a lifetime”. It takes a lifetime to master a skill, it takes years to actually see results. I usually shy away from this response in order not to discourage anyone who wants to partake in the practice. This is chiefly because we live in such a society that values instant results, instant gratification. Too many of us want to arrive and not endure the voyage it took to get to that place. From this, we are satisfied and settle for gimmicks, façades, and illusions. We become impatient in reaching our goals; in a result, we become delusional and fixated with broadcasting new skills and less concern with actually perfecting what we have. Nothing beats hard work and patience, ripe fruit will always taste better than the fruit that isn’t ready yet. Be patient and master your art, put years and effort into perfecting it, appreciate the journey it took to get there.

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