“Unnatural” Movement


The concepts of “natural”, “functional” or anything similar have always been misleading to me. To say that someone practices natural movement is to say that one can practice unnatural movement, the same can be said for the concept of functional. But how can one do such a feat? For the most part, we all share the same anatomy, so wouldn’t anything within the realm of human kinetics is considered natural? Is a break-dancer, powerlifter, wrestler not natural? Is their movement not functional to his/her environment? I think what people are alluding to is that what they deem as “natural” movement is what is closer to humankind’s life history, or Functional movement is more translatable to everyday body mechanics. with that said I still ask, who’s to say that one’s movements aren’t natural, unless we are defying human anatomy, how can we move unnaturally? How we choose to move is only limited to what we want to accomplish in the movement. I’ll end with this quote.

“we are all human, so every style is limited to the same movements” ~ Karate culture

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