To Endure, Adapt and Thrive The Ona Omi understanding of overcoming.

What is an obstacle? Let’s define it as something obstructing our path, something in the way. This can be anything; a physical object, a situation, a person, a mindset, contextual etc. theoretically how do we get over this obstacle? What are the stages to this act of getting over? From this, id like to introduce 3 concepts that can be seen as the stages of overcoming anything. To endure, to adapt, to thrive. These stages echo the essence of what Ona Omi aims for, and by extension what we can aim for in life. Here we have the theoretical steps to getting over any barrier, physical or mental. I am a firm believer that no challenge is so great that there is not a method to overcome it. If the obstacle is too great at that moment, then we must step back and sharpen our mind-body.

We first Endure. When introduced to something new or great, our body-mind must at least be able to endure whatever is at hand, if not then we cannot progress further. Sometimes we face things and situations we are ill prepared for. This is the stage where most people give up and never return. Most people will not even attempt this stage, they will not even try (and sometimes reasonably so). If we do try and aren’t successful, the attempt may have us down but hopefully not out for the count, so we can come back to it and try again.

Second, We Adapt. Once endured, we will have to find a way to deal with that obstacle. This may not be the way we wish to, but we adapted none the least to what was put in front of us. Here we are just getting by. There is nothing wrong at all with this (depending on the context), but this is usually how far we take most things we do, just enough to deal with the situation efficiently. From time to time this is all we need.

Thirdly, We Thrive! If we keep pushing ourselves, then we no longer understand the obstacle as a hardship, but an opportunity to utilize our skill to create something astounding out of what has been placed in front of us! This is the most pioneering stage, where we begin to see what we can truly accomplish. This is making the difficult look easy, setting a new standard. This can be a very personalized endeavor and may not look the same for everyone but still very much valid.

To note, anything we want to accomplish can have multiple sets of these stages. We can reach a place where we are thriving, but to get to the next level we must recycle through these stages again and again. it should come to a point, where all steps are welcomed or seen in a positive light. We should realize that all stages of adversity are the potential for something wonderful to result. This begins with understanding these theoretical stages and how our mindset of stepping inward (more to come on this) is the first step (and usually the greatest) in the upward battle. This is what Art Du Deplacement (Parkour) has taught me. Ona Omi (our extension of ADD) creates a sturdy framework that allows us to thrive in ways most uninitiated could not imagine themselves doing.

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