Parkour & Art Du Deplacement

About ADD?


At the root of our training is Parkour/Art-du-Deplacement (ADD). Ona-Omi is a style of ADD, but not a separate discipline entirely. We maintain the integrity and discipline that has been given to us by the Yamakasi. below is a description of what ADD is.

(excerpt from add-academy )

“The practice of ADD aims at the (re-)appropriation of one’s environment, via moving one’s body in respect of the environment, of nature, of other people and one’s surroundings.

More than mere athletes, the founding Yamakasi have developed a state of mind in order to no longer be subjected to one’s environment, but rather (re-)learn to act and interact with it. This relationship with one’s environment being constant, the Yamakasi have developed a new way to move, closer to our primal functions reviving their instincts, practically wild.

In this way, Art Du Déplacement lays emphasis on the training and constitution of the human being. Indeed, the “modern” human body (and mind) no longer being adapted to a natural environment, it has been important for the Yamakasi founders to re-learn to use all the physical and functional capacities of their bodies.”

to learn more about the Yamakasi and the Origins of ADD click here

Is there a difference between Parkour, Free-Running & ADD?

lets briefly explore the difference between Parkour, Free-running, and ADD. originally there was no difference between the names of the art. all of the founders trained relatively the same. overtime, I witnessed the speciation, and of how people have begun to train differently and associate with the (some may still argue that there is no difference between them).